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Alter Flower Ministry at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WIFlowers on the altar are a beautiful touch to our worship service and family community.  Every Sunday except in Lent we have flowers on the altar.  Parishioners and/or their families from across the United States use this opportunity to remember loved ones.

2019 Open dates for High Altar ($50) & St. Paul’s Altar ($25) flower arrangements. ·        

  • March 3
  • June 30
  • August 25 – looking for someone to share with current donor
  • Nov 3
  • Most Sundays are available for sharing the High Altar.
  • The St. Paul’s altar is available most Sundays.  

Contact Linda Weaver at to reserve a Sunday.  

Annual Reserved Dates
If you have reserved the same date(s) every year for years I am reserving those dates for 2019 using the flower requests and bulletin wording from 2018.  If you want changes please contact me.  Payment reminders will go out 5-6 weeks prior to your reserved date.  

Sharing the Beauty: 
After the worship service the flowers are arranged into small bouquets and delivered to a few parishioners. Typically they are shared with those who are no longer able to attend church, the recent ill, or others for special occasions.   

Arrangement Providers: Monet Floral and Gifts has been providing our beautiful arrangements for many years.  We order two $25 arrangements for the High Altar.  We order a $25 arrangement for the St. Paul’s Altar when requested.  When the Sunday is shared between 2 donors we order two $30 high altar arrangements.  

During Lent the altar is bare to signify simplifying one’s life.  For Easter we collect special funds to fill the altar and chapel with spring and Easter flowers to welcome our new life in Christ.

During Advent the Hood family provides heather arrangements for the altar.  Again at Christmas we collect special “greening” funds to decorate the church with a tree, wreaths and poinsettia’s. Information for the special collections will be in the bulletin, belfry and on this webpage.  

Funerals, Memorial Services and Weddings:
Flowers on the High Altar are up to the families for funerals memorial services and weddings.  If the event is happening on a Saturday or Sunday you can contact me about having the donor flowers arriving early on Saturday or remaining longer on Sunday. However, the color and flower choices of the donor will be ordered, meaning you enjoy what the donor requested. If you order flowers for the High Altar for your event and do not plan on taking them with you please contact me so arrangements can be made to share them with others.  It is assumed any plants or flowers left at the church beyond a few days are the churches and we will tend to them as we see fit.