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Copper bowl presened to Chist Episcopal by Diocese of Peshawar

Dear Bishop Humphrey,
Greetings in the name of our risen Christ.  I want to thank you for your warm hospitality and welcome in the diocese of Peshawar. 

On Sunday May 8 Sarah Zeeba Asghar Augustine and Yahkub Augustine presented to Christ Church the LAVABO SET you gave us for washing of the hands before the celebration of The Holy Eucharist.  I informed our parish it is the same  LAVABO Set used at the holy altar at All Saints Church in Peshawar.  It is hand crafted art on copper metal practiced by local artists for centuries in the ancient bazaar of Qaisa Khani in Peshawar.  This art and the use of hand crafted utensils is disappearing as copper is becoming an expensive commodity. Members of Christ Church in La Crosse are very grateful for such a beautiful gift to the glory of God.  During both services I blessed these vessels to be set apart for holy purposes in the service of Jesus Christ.

Copper Bowl from Peshawar This bowl is used by the priest during the hand washing rite before the presentation of gifts (bread, wine and offertory).   It is symbolically connected to the priest's admission of his personnel sinfulness.  During the washing of hands I say the following prayers: "Lord Jesus Christ, wash me and make me pure and holy.  I am a sinner O Lord. Have mercy upon me. Cleanse me, and I shall be clean indeed that I may stand in the presence of Holy God. Have mercy upon me."

Historically, the practice of washing of hands is mentioned in the western church as early as the year 709 AD.  The Eastern Church  inherited the practice of washing of hands from the very early beginning of the church.  One did not touch holy things of God without proper washing. Then after the Holy Communion there is another act of washing called ablutions.  Water is poured over the priest's thumb and index fingers so no residue of the consecrated host is left on priest fingers. This water is poured directly into the chalice and consumed by the celebrant or deacon.  Then the priest wipes his/her fingers on the purifier.

Sarah Asghar was married to Yahkub Augustine at St. John's Cathedral, Peshawar, Pakistan last year.  Sarah was a member of All Saints Church in Peshawar where the same LAVABO set is used to wash hands before the Holy Eucharist.  Sarah before her marriage was also the president of the Youth Council of the Diocese of Peshawar and a member of their executive Council.  We are delighted to have her at Christ Episcopal Church as an active member and representing the diocese of Peshawar and All Saints Church Peshawar.  We also have "Cross of Thorns" on the Altar of our side Chapel presented to us by Bishop Mano Rumalshah during our visit to All Saints Church on January 25, 2015.

We give thanks to God for these bonds of affection.

With much regards.
The Very Rev. Canon Patrick p. Augustine, D.Min. DD. Rector and Dean
Christ Episcopal Church
111 North 9th Street
La Crosse, WI 54601, USA


Our heartfelt prayers go out to all those affected by recent terrorist events in Belgium and Pakistan. We stand united as ministers of peace to uphold our Baptismal Vows .. "Seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves" "Striving for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being" While teaching us to love others in the power of the Spirit.

Missions Pictures

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The Church that
Love is Building

This is the beginning construction of the Church we have sponsored in Bishop David's Diocese in Kenya, Bethel Church at Kastini.
 From Rev. Diana Gorgos-

 Breaking ground at Bethel Church in Kastini, Kenya
Breaking Ground
Inside of Bethel Church in Kastini, Kenya
Inside of Bethel Church


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Sudan 2009 Slide Show

Father Patrick in the Sudan

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We are partnering with areas churches and medical personnel to make Post Partum kits based on the Days For Girls design of personal hygiene products for women. Contact Sherry Barrett for details
Watch these videos for more information and

Christ Church joins hands with First Free Church in Onalaska
to pray for and support our brothers and sisters in Christ in Peshawar, Pakistan ~ Video about All Saints Church, Peshawar

Sara Sullivan Days for Girls


This is Sara Sullivan from La Crosse who is took 15 kits with her to Kenya.  Her sister, an OR nurse from Kentucky and a surgeon was there on a medical mission and Sara taught the native women and girls to sew the hygiene kits on treadle sewing machines. Pictures will follow in about a month.

New Roof for Gulpur Prayer Hall in Pakistan via donation from Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WIDear Brother  in Christ Bob Weathers

Greetings from Pakistan.

This is a short note to inform you gratefully  that we have received the money you have sent for the Roof of Gulpur Prayer Hall US$ 1000.

Thank you very much. Money was received  30th of June.

May Our Good Lord continue to Bless You  Richly.
Ifrahim Mathew
National Director
Potohar Evangelistic Outreach Fellowship/Secretary :The Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan

Dear Brothers and Sister in the Lord.

Blessings be upon each one of you!                                                     

As we grow older we start to conform to the norms that society puts on us and we had to live what they call “real world” .We are told to “stop day dreaming “by our teachers or “be realistic” by our parents. Bills start rolling in, responsibilities piled up and before we knew  ,our childhood dreams are little more than dust in the wind .That was stated by a ninety year old elderly man who was a fellow traveler to one of our staff who was travelling by bus to a evangelistic full letter

We pray for those who have perished due to heat in Pakistan. May light perpetual shine upon them.

Episcopal News Service Recognizes Evangelism of Christ Church La Crosse
Pakistan is one of the world’s most troubling epicenters for terrorism where minorities are targeted by religious extremists for having different beliefs or affiliations. Yet the persecuted Christian community – 1.5 percent of 180 million people – remains steadfast in faith despite the daily persecution they face.
read more..... 

Burgundy Horizontal Rule for Christ Episcopal Church La Crosse, WI

We are sad to learn about the massacre of Christians in Garissa, Kenya.  Our parish has been partner with this missionary diocese in the Church of Kenya.  We have helped to start two schools and two clinics for Somali Muslim children in the desert of Garissa.  There is not much food grown and great shortage of water in the desert.  Five years ago our parish helped to dig a well in the desert that Somali Muslim nomad community can have an access to fresh water for them and their animals.  Yesterday, Christ Church La Crosse woman prepared 100 sanitation kits for 100 somali girls9(Days for Girls International program) that they will not miss schools each month.  These kit are good for two to three years.  Bishop David of the Diocese of Garissa has been our guest for the last five summers.  I have personally gone to Garissa to visit . Tonight at Maundy Thursday service we remembered the 157 Christians martyred for their faith by Islamic militants.  The following is my eReflection: Holy Week | Walking in the Way of the Cross published by the Transforming Center.  I wish you all a very blessed Holy Week.  Please remember the Church in Persecution and God's peace on earth.
The Very Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, D.Min. DD   Rector  
Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WI

Father Patrick's Pakistan trip 2015 Notes

Dear Members of Christ Church Parish Family, Greetings from St. Andrews cathedral Singapore.   It has been a very busy conference and my body is tired...
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February 1, 2015: this afternoon Archdeacon of Peshawar Diocese invited me to preach and concelebrate The Holy Eucharist at Afghan Mission Hospital in Peshawar.  This Chapel inside the compound of the Mission Hospital is a most unique historical monument of Peshawar dating back to Mughal times. The dome shaped structure is thought to be the garden tomb of Nawab Sayid Khan, the Mughal governor during Emperor Shah Jehan's rule who died in year 1651 AD. He had built a garden at Dabgari in his lifetime, according to some accounts. The tomb stands in the centre of the same garden.

All Saints ChurchAll Saints church Peshawar "red zone"

  This is the church of Martyrs. The historic All Saints church is still operating in the public and has not gone underground despite the attacks on it's Father Patrick with Peshawar Bombing Surviving Familiescongregation.. Recently there was a heavy contingent of police on the roof and around the building during a Sunday service when Father Patrick preached and celebrated Holy Communion.

Father Patrick spent more than an hour laying hands for healing and then praying with the surviving families on the anniversary of last Surviving Family of the Peshwar Bombingyears bombing of All Saints church in Peshawar.

Father Patrick


Father Patrick in Bannu after Pennel Memorial High School Bombing Meeting with residents in Bannu following Pennel Memorial High School bombing Father Patrick Visit to displaced christian community near Afghanistan. Visit to displaced christian community near Afghanistan.  St Thomas Church in Islamabad

Bannu, Pakistan - Meeting with officials after bombing 1/26/15 

Visit to displaced Christian community near Afghanistan.  

St. Thomas church in Islamabad. I am (Father Patrick) founder of this mission from the very first day.

Now on Sunday four services and almost 2000 people attend.  

March 6, 2015
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
TLC Correspondent

Signs of Christian persecution are all too visible in Pakistan this winter, from tents housing hungry Christian refugees to armed security standing guard atop a church roof as the faithful warily arrive for Sunday Eucharist.

But jarring, onerous conditions have not broken the spirit of the church in Pakistan, said the Rev. Patrick Augustine, who returned last month from visiting his native country. Christians there continue to worship, witness, and even plant churches, he said, albeit with little fanfare and much discretion....Read More

Jan. 26' 2015 Peshawar:

Peshawar Bishop Humphrey Peters, received news this morning that Pennel Memorial High School was attacked in Bannu in the Southern Part of North West Frontiers in Pakistan.  It is very close to Waziristan the heart Al Qaeda  near Afghanistan.  We immediately travelled there for hours through mountain passes.  In the tribal city we have a hospital and school with 1,800 hundred students.  200 Christian families were also displaced because of Army Operations.  We met with the government, military, political and police officials. Press conferences were held and we met internally displaced people.  We prayed, gave moral and financial support to Christians who live and witness in this area which is in the most high alert part of the Red Zone area.  In the evening curfew was imposed all over the city as the Army found a bomb in front of a Christian area about to be explode.  Thank God everybody is safe.  I give thanks to God to stand with our brothers and sisters who are persecuted because they are Jesus' disciples. Please keep us in your prayers.


Salvation Army  ~ WAFER ~ Haiti ~ Crossroads Campus Ministry ~ Sudan Missions
Diana Gorgos Mission ~ Bethel Church at Kastini

Garissa, Kenya orphan reciting a poem 'THANK YOU GOD OR REMEMBERING US WITH BIBLES



Making Candy for May Baskets

The Youth Group raised nearly $450 through May basket
sales to help support 2 orphan
students in Garissa, Kenya.

Pray for Agness one of our sponsored students in Kenya. She disappeared after going to draw water from the river. We pray for her safe return and good health. She has been studying hard to earn good grades in high school to be able to attend college and become a doctor.  

Please pray for the safety of students worldwide who long to improve their lives through knowledge and education.

Thanks from Rev. Diana - for Garissa donations  

I'm over whelmed with the generosity of Christ Episcopal Church La Crosse. Bishop David will be equally thrilled with these donations. Your donations will enable me to take 3,000 dollars to Garissa in Dec. to pay for the geologist who is helping us find water in the three areas that Bishop David has his eye on.  

The donation from the teens will help Agness and Michael continue their studies and defray the cost of uniforms, shoes and personal care items. Please give my thanks and gratitude to everyone and wishes for the most Blessed Christmas and may 2015 be a Blessed year for all.

Again many thanks to all.
Rev. Diana

Burgundy Horizontal Rule for Christ Episcopal Church La Crosse, WI

Christ Church partners with area churches to help Christians at All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Last year terrorists bombed All Saints Episcopal church in the historic city of Peshawar, Pakistan. The blast killed and wounded nearly 500 worshippers. Today we partner with Coulee Region churches and private sponsors who have raised $19,081.41 to help All Saints treat the wounded, care for the orphaned, educate the children and rebuild....
read more

Special Addition  The Frontier News Diocese of Peshawar-Church of Pakistan

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We are currently sponsoring two students in Garissa.  Look for updates on their progress and the friendships being created with our teens here at Christ Church.

 Bishop David and Christ Episcopal Church youth group

Bishop David and youth group Teens gave Bishop David their hand written letters to deliver to the students we are sponsoring in Kenya.

Letters from our sponsored students in Kenya

Agnes Ochieng Letter

Michael Otando Letter

Here is the latest greeting from Rev. John -
our liaison with the students we sponsor in Kenya.

Dear brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ,                                  11/9/14

I hope you are fine in the Lord. Thanks for your email and prayers to the COCED Ministry.

We are developing ECD classes and school for young children (from baby class, kinder and pre-unity). The school's purpose is to enable the orphans and vulnerable children to get access to education. It will have low costs. Those from able families will pay fees, and use part of the fees to support unable pupils and students like Agness and Michael.

It is our plan to raise funds for the COCED Ministry and to expand our service to support God's children. We trust upon God to provide friends, partners and charity organizations to team with us. Pray for us and share the idea with friends. We have got a plot (land) but for the time being we rent the room to start classes as we raise funds to start structures.

Thanks for your prayers and every support you give us. Feel free to ask for more clarification.

Yours in Lords Ministry
Rev. John Masinde- COCED DIRECTOR

Burgundy Horizontal Rule for Christ Episcopal Church La Crosse, WI

Dear brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ,                                  10/30/14

I am so happy to hear from you.  Michael and Agness are fine and doing well in schools. We have managed to keep them in schools - though with financial challenges. We were able to pay their fees but our big challenge still remaining is for their basic needs such as uniforms, shoes, books, and blankets.

We thank you so much for every support we receive from you in the form of prayers, money and emails. God bless you. Our ministry requires those like you (who are touched by our story) for support. God bless you all.

Greeting to youths. When they close they will write to you.

The ministry is expanding and touching and transforming people of God spiritually and physically. Pray for God to provide friends and partners.

We have planned to start ECD classes mostly for vulnerable children next year. We need your prayers for God to provide funds for the start off, after which it will be self-sustaining.

We keep you in our heart for God's blessings and provision.  

Rev. John

Rev. John Masinde
St. Peter's Vicar and COCED Ministry, Kenya

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Bishop David and Father Patrick administering communion at Christ Episcopal Church

 Bishop David celebrates communion with Father Patrick and congregation.

Peace and Trust- Basic ingredients for Democracy 
The Very Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, D.Min., Rector,
March 2013 ....Complete text as PDF 

The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Patrick P. Augustine, Rector
Christ Episcopal Church
111 North 9th St.
La Crosse, WI 54601
608-784-0697 (Ch) 608-385-2287

Almighty God, who has given us this good land for our heritage: We humbly beseech you that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of your favor and glad to do your will. We thank you for the freedom of faith and free expression we enjoy in the United States.

We thank you for the beauty of this land which has welcomed people of many faiths, colors, languages and ethnicities to give them hope to enjoy the fruits of liberty.

O God of Justice, help us with a strong resolve to be a compassionate nation to eliminate poverty and seek justice for all your children. Help us to be a light on the hill in our world torn with conflicts to promote peace, justice and truth among the community of nations.

O God of Mercy and Compassion, we remember before you those who suffer want and anxiety from lack of work. Guide the people of this land so to use our public and private wealth that all may find suitable and fulfilling employment and receive just wages for their labor.

O Lord our Governor, grant to the President and the Vice President and to all in authority, the wisdom and strength to know and to do your will. Make them ever mindful of their calling to serve with the spirit of wisdom, charity, and justice for the welling being of all people. Keep our nation safe from any harm. We pray for our enemies who want to hurt us to change their hearts from hatred and cruelty that all nations and races may serve together in peace.

Give discernment to the people of our land to exercise all our power and privilege in a free nation to elect the President, Vice President and members of legislature of your choice.

We commend to your gracious care men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they are stationed to defend our liberties.

We ask this prayer as your children in the name of the Prince of Peace Jesus, one God to whom be dominion and glory, now and forever. Amen.


Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire Haiti Partnership
510 South Farwell
Eau Claire WI

JOHN AND CAROL MEACHAM Sponsorship Coordinators
SPOONER WI 54801-7317
Phone: (715) 635-3462

Hatian Boys Choir Performed at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WI  September 19, 2012Christ Church Welcomed Les Petits Chanteurs and Chamber Ensemble
Holy Trinity Music School Boys Choir and Orchestra, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
In Concert Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 pm

This 30 voice boy’s choir was accompanied by a Chamber Ensemble from the Holy Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra. Holy Trinity Music School is the only music school of its kind in Haiti, and its orchestras and choral groups are Haitian Treasures. The school Hatian Boys Choir at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WIoffers music education to children of all economic classes at two locations in the Port-au-Prince area. Les Petit Chanteurs first toured the United States in1984. On this 13th tour to the U.S., the choir conducted concerts from the east to the west coasts, including 3 in Wisconsin. It is was our privilege to host them in La Crosse.

We raised nearly $4,000 for our Haiti mission as this group performed raising the global awareness of the rich musical traditions in Haiti and the importance of the school in the life of the country.

Book Title:  Hear My People's Cry by

"my purpose of sharing the story of the suffering communities in Sudan is to ask you to pray for God’s Peace in this troubled land. I appeal to all persons of good will to lift your voice for justice and to stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan.......

“The Janjaweed came,” She said, “and they burned everything in the village. Then the helicopters came and dropped bombs. They killed my brother, my husband and four of my six children.”

They told her that their loved ones had been stuffed into wells by the Janjaweed to poison the water supply. She went back in Darfur and looked for these wells. She found them covered in sand......

All proceeds to to the support of missions in Sudan and Pakistan     More information

Hear My People's Cry Book Cover by The Rev Canon Patrick P. Augustine, RectorHear My People's Cry, Table of Contents

A Vital Church with a Rich Past and An Exciting Future