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Anti-Racism Peace Vigil Procession

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No Place for White Supremacy
The Very Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, D.Min. DD. Rector Christ Episcopal Church

111 North 9th St.
La Crosse, WI 54601

Episcopal Peace Fellowship Award:
On Monday, February 5, I received a phone call from Episcopal Peace Fellowship that I am the recipient of Sayre Peace Award.  I was humbled to receive this news and give thanks to God for such an honor. This honor does not come to me alone but to all the members of Christ Church.  It is because all of you I have been able to carry my mission of peace and reconciliation around the globe.  You support me and I thank you all.  This Award is given every three years to one of the lay or Clergy member of the Episcopal Church.  On July 6, 2018, I shall receive this award at the General Convention.

Patrick Augustine Rector  

Information about Peace Fellowship:
The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Board has awarded John Nevin Sayre Award to the Very Rev. Canon Patrick Augustine, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin.  It shall be presented to him on July 6th during the General Convention of the Episcopal to be held in Austin, Texas.  

Here's a little bit of information about the Sayre Award:   EPF established the Sayre award in 1979 to honor founding EPF member Rev. John Nevin Sayre for his lifetime of service waging the Gospel of Peace.  Sayre was an Episcopal priest, pacifist, missionary, teacher and author who gained notoriety when he challenged President Woodrow Wilson to address the devastating events of World War I.  Because of Sayre’s efforts, Wilson agreed recognizing conscientious objection as a legal alternative to military service. In 1979, two years after Sayre’s death, Episcopal Peace Fellowship honored his lifelong commitment to peace by establishing the John Nevin Sayre Award. 

The award is conferred every three years at General Convention for courageous witness in the cause of peace and justice to a recipient selected by the EPF National Executive Council. Through this award Episcopal Peace Fellowship publicly recognizes Episcopalians who are actively living their baptismal promises of striving for peace and justice, and respecting the dignity of every human being. Like the person for which the award is named, recipients have dedicated their life’s work to courageously promoting a culture of peace and nonviolence in the face of cultural opposition. Past recipients include Rev. Naim Ateek, Madeline Trichel, Mary Miller, Louis Crew, Newland Smith, Patty and the late Rt. Rev. Ed Browning. The 2018 John Nevin Sayre Award will be presented at the EPF General Convention reception at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas on the evening of Friday, July 6th.  

The Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles
Executive Director, Episcopal Peace Fellowship
PO Box 15
Claysburg, PA

Cookie Bake at Christ Episcopal Church.

Confirmation class teachers and students baked cookies for home delivery to older parish members. What a wonderful evening!

New Bible Study on Thursday Mornings!

New Bible Study -The Acts! Join us at 10:00 on Thursday mornings for Holy Eucharist, Bible Study and Luncheon. All are welcome.

Potluck and Food Share Sunday 
 Proteins like peanut butter, tuna and beans are always needed. We are timing these to coincide with our monthly potluck to help stock the Salvation Army food pantry.  Join us after the 10:30 service for our monthly potluck lunch.

Copper bowl presened to Chist Episcopal by Diocese of Peshawar

Dear Bishop Humphrey,
Greetings in the name of our risen Christ.  I want to thank you for your warm hospitality and welcome in the diocese of Peshawar. 

On Sunday May 8 Sarah Zeeba Asghar Augustine and Yahkub Augustine presented to Christ Church the LAVABO SET you gave us for washing of the hands before the celebration of The Holy Eucharist.  I informed our parish it is the same  LAVABO Set used at the holy altar at All Saints Church in Peshawar.  It is hand crafted art on copper metal practiced by local artists for centuries in the ancient bazaar of Qaisa Khani in Peshawar.  This art and the use of hand crafted utensils is disappearing as copper is becoming an expensive commodity. Members of Christ Church in La Crosse are very grateful for such a beautiful gift to the glory of God.  During both services I blessed these vessels to be set apart for holy purposes in the service of Jesus Christ.

Copper Bowl from Peshawar This bowl is used by the priest during the hand washing rite before the presentation of gifts (bread, wine and offertory).   It is symbolically connected to the priest's admission of his personnel sinfulness.  During the washing of hands I say the following prayers: "Lord Jesus Christ, wash me and make me pure and holy.  I am a sinner O Lord. Have mercy upon me. Cleanse me, and I shall be clean indeed that I may stand in the presence of Holy God. Have mercy upon me."

Historically, the practice of washing of hands is mentioned in the western church as early as the year 709 AD.  The Eastern Church  inherited the practice of washing of hands from the very early beginning of the church.  One did not touch holy things of God without proper washing. Then after the Holy Communion there is another act of washing called ablutions.  Water is poured over the priest's thumb and index fingers so no residue of the consecrated host is left on priest fingers. This water is poured directly into the chalice and consumed by the celebrant or deacon.  Then the priest wipes his/her fingers on the purifier.

Sarah Asghar was married to Yahkub Augustine at St. John's Cathedral, Peshawar, Pakistan last year.  Sarah was a member of All Saints Church in Peshawar where the same LAVABO set is used to wash hands before the Holy Eucharist.  Sarah before her marriage was also the president of the Youth Council of the Diocese of Peshawar and a member of their executive Council.  We are delighted to have her at Christ Episcopal Church as an active member and representing the diocese of Peshawar and All Saints Church Peshawar.  We also have "Cross of Thorns" on the Altar of our side Chapel presented to us by Bishop Mano Rumalshah during our visit to All Saints Church on January 25, 2015.

We give thanks to God for these bonds of affection.

With much regards.
The Very Rev. Canon Patrick p. Augustine, D.Min. DD. Rector and Dean
Christ Episcopal Church
111 North 9th Street
La Crosse, WI 54601, USA

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Father Patrick latest YouTube Sermon

Update from Bishop David in Garrissa
Thank you very Much for your recent e-mail.  We thank God for the Prayers and support of our missionary Diocese.

This is to confirm to you that we have received KSh. $ 5,404 which is Ksh. 498,045 For the support of the work of God especially in the Area.

The money will be used in  Building Class 7 and the balance to start either offices or Class 8. The cost of living is high it cannot finish both classes but at least we have a reason to smile and thank God for the good work the Christian are doing towards the promotion of the kingdom of God in this region.

Be assured before the year ends you will get the full report of the completion of the classes.

May the Lord richly bless the Christians of Christ Episcopal church La Crosse.  

Yours in the Lord  

Rt. Rev. Dr. David Mutisya  
Thanks and Take Care

Living Church Publication

Father Patricks Trip Spring 2016

Father Patrick with University Students from South Sudan at All Saints Cathedral - talking about building Peace!
Father Patrick with University Students from South Sudan
at All Saints Cathedral - talking about building Peace!

The road to Garissa - even the flocks are thin in this sun scorched land.
The road to Garissa -
even the flocks are thin in this sun scorched land.

Father Patrick delivers some toys donated by UAE airlines to first graders in Ukasi, Kenya.
Father Patrick delivers some toys donated by
UAE airlines to first graders in Ukasi, Kenya.
Behind them is a school Christ Episcopal Church
helped raise funds to build.

St. John's church in Ukasi
St. John's church in Ukasi
Christ Episcopal church helped raise funds
to build this church in the desert of NE Kenya.

The Newest Acolyte at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WI

Youngest new acolyte with proud parents.Order of St Vincent 2016

 Order of St Vincent 2016 pictures

We have volunteered to help serve dinner each 3rd Saturday of the month at the Salvation Army on State Street. Please join us by 4PM to serve from 4:15 until 5:15. Questions? Call Kris 608-784-0697.

We are partnering with areas churches and medical personnel to make Post Partum kits based on the Days For Girls design of personal hygiene products for women. Contact Sherry Barrett for details
Watch these videos for more information

Local Churches come together to help Pakistani Christians..full story

Episcopal Presiding Bishop video: 
We must make our country safe because all of us are valuable and we are all children of God.

 [February 28, 2018] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry has released a video calling for action to make this country safe. “We must make our country safe because all of us are valuable and we are all children of God.”  

The Presiding Bishop notes, “We in the United States are in the midst of a great discussion, a great debate.”  

He speaks about the young people of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the site of the recent shooting.  “They are asking us, and imploring us, and challenging us to find a better way.”  

He notes we need “to make our schools safe, to make our streets safe, and to make this country safe for all of God’s children and all of God’s people.”  

The video is here

Are you spiritually struggling, searching for ways to live, love, work and play that nurture your soul? 

Hmong Art History at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WI
Christ Episcopal art exhibit
celebrates Hmong settlement
history in La Crosse

Art Gallery Update  
Art Gallery is now featuring parish members art work.

Bishop Jim Adams blesses icons painted by Christ Episcopal Church Members
Assisting Bishop Jim Adams blesses icons painted by church members. The icons will be hand carried to churches we help sponsor in Kenya, South Sudan, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

Days for Girls project for Tabby Town Usa

Anika delivers donated items and home made cat toys to Marie Glover of Tabby Town.

Anika's dedication to Tabby Town continues as she helps with adoption days (held every other weekend) at Petco in Onalaska (across from Panera). Volunteers  help clean kitty ears, assist with set up and tear down, play with the cats and provide invaluable help to the Tabby Town team. Dawn dish soap is especially needed by TT at this time, with a donation box at the back of church. Your support for God's creatures is greatly appreciated.

330 Bibles, 74 New Testaments and
394 Proverbs/Miracles of Christ
distributed by Potohar Ministries....Read More

Christ Episcopal Donates Money to
Complete Roof on Prayer Chapel


Volunteers brave cold so no one goes hungry
Mobile Meals of La Crosse delivers 75-100 meals every day

Christ Episcopal La Crosse, WI  children first commnunion

Children studying for their 1st Holy Communion Visited with Sister Malinda at St. Rose convent on March 21. The class visited the Perpetual Adoration chapel as a way of connecting with our own Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. 


Episcopal News Service Recognizes Evangelism of Christ Church La Crosse
Pakistan is one of the world’s most troubling epicenters for terrorism where minorities are targeted by religious extremists for having different beliefs or affiliations. Yet the persecuted Christian community – 1.5 percent of 180 million people – remains steadfast in faith despite the daily persecution they face.
read more..... 

Christ Episcopal Church Siblings Acolyte together

Siblings acolyte together. They are one of eight families who serve together on the altar. Contact Tim or Lee Donahue to find out more about altar service. 783-7418.

Father Peter Augustine Installation at St John's in Sparta, WI

Father Peter Augustine was inducted as Priest in Charge at St. John's Sparta on Nov 21st. His family joins him in celebration. We wish him many years of joyous service.


February 22, 2015 during our 10:30 a.m. the "Cross of Thorns" was presented to the people of Christ Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin.  This will go on the Holy Altar by the window of the Beatitudes.  Sarah a member of All Saints Church in Peshawar presented the Cross of Thorns.   The presence of this Cross will be constant reminder to us to pray for our brothers and sister living and witnessing in places where church boldly witness their living faith under persecution.Cross of Thorns being presented to Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WI

Teen Cooking Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday The teens raised $209 during the pancake dinner for local community outreach.

Shrove Tuesday Fund Raiser at Christ Episcopal ChurchWe are proud of their dedication to help those less fortunate.

Enjoying Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner Fun times at Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

Rt. Rev. Dr. Chad Nicholas Gandiya the Bishop of Harare, Zimbabwe preached at both services and led a forum with his wife Faith between services. He shared an incredible story of the Church's 5 year exile in Harare, when church members and clergy were locked out of their churches. Some of the buildings were used as brothels or other businesses as the Harare Anglican community continued their ministry in open fields under tents. It was an inspiring personal story of persecution, redemption and salvation. Through God they triumphed. Their doors are back open, their sanctuaries cleansed and they may openly worship again. He said that one thought kept him going throughout the ordeal, "God is God and he reigns upon the throne". The Diocese of Harare which hosts more than five thousand members has recently partnered with the Diocese of Eau Claire.  Rev Dr. Chad Nicholas Gandiya

Chad Gandiya has worked with the Church since the 1970’s when he served as a catechist. His formal theological training started with a diploma from Rusitu Bible Institute followed by ordination training at St John’s Nottingham (UK) and post graduate studies in Religious Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He undertook further postgraduate training in Medical Ethics in the USA and in Zimbabwe.

Chad has served as Parish Priest, University Chaplain (Zimbabwe & USA), Diocesan Stewardship officer and lecturer at the Bishop Gaul College, Lansing Community College, USA and United College of the Ascension, Birmingham UK. He is deeply committed to integral or holistic mission and theological education with a keen interest in Liberation Theology. As principal of Bishop Gaul College he managed to have the college registered as an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe. He also conducted provincial wide continuing education programmes for the Clergy.

As Desk Officer at USPG Anglicans in World Mission, Chad has overseen a wide range of projects concerned with the well being of people in Africa and the Indian Ocean (e.g. health, leadership development and education – theological and others).

Chad has served on committees for several organisations including: Africa Enterprise, Institute of Contemporary Christianity and Youth with a Mission. He was Founder member and Chairman of the AIDS Counselling Trust (ACT) and ANITEPAM, Christians for the Liberation of South Africa and Third World Personnel Working in Europe.

Chad tries to find time to watch soccer, read novels and go fishing. As a keen gardener he loves tending both decorative and edible plants. He finds working in the garden quite therapeutic He describes his goal in the words of Paul “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection … and “… I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Phil. 3.10 &12b


Days for Girls Kits delivered to UgandaDays for Girls Project - Our partnership with First Free Church enabled us to deliver 65 DFG kits to Uganda this summer. The reaction was overwhelming. The girls who couldn't receive kits (due to shortage) were bereft. Our next Days for Girls Sewing Date Sept. 27th at First Free Church in Onalaska from 1-4:30. You do not need to know how to sew to help. There are many things non-sewers can do to help. Contact Merrie Jo for more details.

  Days for Girls Days for Girls
Days for Girls Days for Girls


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