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Worship Recordings

We have recently begun recording videos to help stay connected during the Covid--19 pandemic. We post the most current videos on the homepage and here we archive older videos. May they be a blessing on your spiritual journey.

3/22/2020 Sunday Service

3/25/2020 Midweek Reflection

3/29/2020 Sunday Service

4/1/2020 Midweek Reflection (#2)

Palm Sunday (April 5th) Stations of Cross, Music, and Worhip"

4/9/2020 Midweek Reflection (#3)

4/12/2020 Easter Sunday Service

4/19/2020 Sunday Service

4/23/2020 Mid-week Reflection #4

4/23/2020 Mid-week Reflection #5

4/26/2020 Sunday Service

5/1/2020 Mid-week Reflection #6

5/3/2020 Service Recording

5/7/2020 Mid-Week Reflection

5/10/2020 Sunday Service Recording

5/14/2020 Mid-Week Reflection

5/17/2020 Service Recording

5/21/2020 Mid-Week Reflection #9

5/24/2020 Ascension Sunday Service

5/28/2020 Mid-Week Reflection #10:

Pentecost Sunday Service Recording:

June 3rd Midweek Reflect #11:

Trinity Sunday Service Recording:

June 11th Mid-Week Reflection #12:

June 14th (Third Sunday of Pentecost) Service:

Mid-week Reflection #13 (June 19th, Juneteenth):

June 21st (Fourth Sunday of Pentecost) Service

June 25th Mid-Week Reflection #14

June 28th Mid-Week Reflection #14

July 5th Sunday Service

July 12th Sunday Service

July 19th Sunday Service

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