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About Us

Walking in Love as Christ Loves Us....

We are located in the heart of downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin where we actively partner with the Salvation Army, Warming Center and other organizations joining together to make a difference in the lives our our neighbors and greater La Crosse Community.

Outreach, education and hospitality are all part of our mission within and beyond our congregation. We minister to our members and visitors alike. We bring Communion, blessings, anointing, guidance and counseling to members within our parish as well as those who can not travel to church due to age, illness, or disability. We are committed to our seniors, children and all those in between.

The joy and beauty of our church and liturgy are central to our lives. Reaching out to others reinforces our spirit of communion within worship.

We are a welcoming church whose members include a broad cross section of society. We are reminded of Urban Holmes's wonderful insight that when Anglicanism is at its best "its poetry, its music and its life can create a world of wonder in which it is very easy to fall in love with God." (What Is Anglicanism?, p.5). We remember that in its fullest attainment that love is both personal and shared.

Quick Facts
  • Christ Church is the oldest continually operating church in La Crosse.

  • Our current church building was completed in 1899, while our original building was completed in 1863.

  • The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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