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  A Reflection for Ordinary Time 

Our Tiffany window of the Transfiguration is best seen from inside the sanctuary. Even on cloudy days, it glows with inner light, revealing folds of glass in Christ’s robe.


The longest season of the church year is under way. Easter includes and ends with the Day of Pentecost. The first Sunday after Pentecost is Trinity Sunday, and the following Sundays are “after Pentecost” until
the first Sunday of Advent. 


The church calls these weeks “Ordinary Time,” but there is nothing ordinary about our world today. Palestinians suffer and die because of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Russia and the Ukraine fight with everything from drones and tanks to guided missiles. European elections reflect the rising influence of right-wing ideology. Disinformation freely flows through all modes of communication.


As we prepare for elections in our own divided country, we need the peace of Christ more than ever. As Rev. Seddon put it so eloquently: “Life can be chaotic... It may come as physical pain, financial crisis, actual war or spiritual trauma and doubt. Jesus comes and stands in the midst of it all and says “Peace with you.”  He is peace! Peace IS the presence of Christ! It brings a sense of calm, hope, abiding joy and trust. In Christ’s presence all other feelings are overridden.”


In recent correspondence, she added: “The peace of Christ (his presence)

is a constant for all faithful disciples. It is not a moment of respite in time

of turmoil or pain. This strengthens us to bring peace wherever we go.

We are Christbearers and therefore peacemakers. 

“As followers of Jesus, we need to recognize and hold onto this peace at all
times and never allow ourselves to be fooled by the world into thinking
turmoil, chaos and pain are ultimate reality. Jesus Christ and his peace are
ultimate reality, and we are blessed to experience it daily.”


Rev. Seddon’s message is a call to action, not just reassurance.
We must do more than accept the blessing of peace Christ offers us.
“As the Father has sent me so I send you.” Meditate, pray, and consider
what your peacemaking mission may be for each day of life, love, and
work in this and every year of our Lord.


Dearest Lord Jesus, help me be a channel of your peace, no matter where I am or who I am with in these anxious times. Amen.

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