Our Interim Rector

Reverend Charles Granger has been serving as our interim rector since September 2019. He has brought a wealth of experience and has helped Christ Church in this transition period. We are grateful for his guidance as we seek our next rector. 

Father Granger's Biography:

The first son born to Myrtis Plant Granger and Charles I. Granger in Cleveland, Ohio.
Fr. Granger was a priest of the Episcopal Church for over 33 years before his early retirement in 2006.
He was a graduate of East High School, Ohio University, and Colgate-Rochester/Bexley Hall/ Crozer
Divinity School. 
As a seminarian he fought for the inclusion of Black Church Studies at
Colgate-Rochester/Bexley/Crozer and the resulting Lock-In gained nation-wide attention. 
Fr. Granger championed many civil rights and justice causes during his ministry. 
He served churches in Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Miami, Kansas City,  
St. Louis and Oklahoma City. In the late 1990’s he turned his attention to racial reconciliation,
which led him to accept churches in Benton Harbor, MI; Kirksville, MO.; Pittsburg, KS and 
a position as Chaplain at St. Francis Academy in Atchison, KS.
Fr. Granger is living in La Crosse for the year he is serving as Interim Rector, Christ Episcopal Church. 
He was a member of The Pershing Rifles and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternities as an  
undergraduate and The Black Student Caucus as a seminarian. As a priest, he held memberships 
in the Episcopal Urban Caucus and the Union of Black Episcopalians, holding the office of President of
the Chicago Chapter in 1973 and later national Corresponding Secretary of the UBE. 
He also served on many committees and commissions in the various dioceses where he worked. 
Serving on the Standing Committee, the Commission on Ministry, and the State of the Church
Committee in the Diocese of Western Missouri, he was elected Alternate Delegate to General
Convention in 1995. He has adult sons, Lee, Aaron, Brian and a daughter, Sarah by June Granger (now
deceased) and his wife Marcia has her daughters Joi and Louise and their son Desmond. There are also
grandchildren Noah and Shelby, Samuel, Nehemiah, Gabriel, Mia, Matteo, Christian, Galeno, Lincoln
and Kennedy.